Poet’s New Ethanol Byproduct Helps Company Win Major Award

POET officials have developed a proprietary product using the byproducts of ethanol. It’s called “Jive Asphalt.” And recently the POET product helped the company achieve the World’s third highest Most Innovative Company Award. POET’s Matt Merritt says Jive Asphalt is used on roadways as a modifier and as a rejuvenator.

He says it’s also used as a modifier when conditions are warm to prevent rutting in roads. Merritt says it can be used as a rejuvenator in a re-cycled sense.

Merritt says the Jive Asphalt product is one of the answers to battling climate change and something POET is very focused on.

Merritt says POET has the capacity to produce enough JIVE to pave a highway around the world each year.